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Technical Info

Neon Footage Chart
Neon Footage chart

You have to add one foot for every pair of electrodes on the sign

or for every section on the sign


A sign with 5 sections of 2 feet each = 10 feet and you have to add one foot per section which is 5 more feet making it a total of 15 feet. the neon is made of 15mm glass and it was filled with neon , so you go to the chart and under the part where it says red neon (neon gas is red when lit) you go to the column where it says 15mm and you go down to where you meet the feet amount , you also have to know the amount of milliamps specified on the transformer you are going to use,( most are 30ma) so it says 17 fest, that is the nearest to the 15 feet of your sign and that corresponds to a 5000v transformer .
All this has to be done when you do not have an exsisting transformer that you need to replace, in that case you just order one of a similar output .

Diameter Of Glass mm/inches
neon tube diameter in inches







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